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A mildly melancholic, increasingly misanthropic, contrarian who cherishes life, liberty, and lattes. He turns coffee and sweet tea into books at
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For all my life, I’ve only been a fan of one sport: American football. But not just any football. I never cared for college or high school games—I was an NFL addict. And like most fans of the NFL, I had a favorite team. …

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If there’s one thing that’s remained consistent about mass casualty events over the past few decades—besides a predictable plethora of new laws passed afterward that erodes American freedoms and civil liberties—it’s that these incidents always leave us with more questions than answers.

Equally troubling is the fact that anyone who…

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When it comes to writing advice, one size does not fit all. Authors are unique creatures, and as such, they struggle with uniquely different issues and challenges. …

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Recently, my wife and I encountered an issue with the shower in our master bathroom that necessitated we use the kids’ bathroom to shower.

It’s an inconvenience, to say the least, as it requires several trips across the house to bring the various toiletries we need for proper hygiene. …

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The perfect marriage between holy scripture and Robert Lowry’s sacred hymn, Nothing But the Blood of Jesus, is presented below, intertwining the words of scripture and the original lyrics of the hymn, written and composed by Lowry in 1876.

For the life of the flesh is in the blood, and…

Growing up in South Florida provided many experiences that left indelible impressions on me.

Like that one morning my house violently shook from the Midas Muffler shop explosion that occurred miles away in Davie, to visiting the aftermath of the explosion and ensuing fire from the Amtrak train that collided…

1). The Coffee Shop

You’re sipping coffee in a cafe when you notice a woman at another table get up to get a napkin, leaving her coffee unattended on the table. As she does, a man walks by her table, pours an unknown liquid from a vial into the woman’s coffee, and quickly exits…

“There is a time for stories, and there is a time for rational arguments, and the skill we need lies in knowing which to use, and when.” — Os Guinnesse

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I recently came across an article by Mark Tapson who wrote:

“The most compelling science fiction is that in which…

This article will not a be a long-winded diatribe, but instead, it will be a quick and to-the-point itemization pointing readers to the reasons why those — who are still able to think critically — are no longer buying into this contrived pandemic.

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When you passed unconstitutional edicts demanding that…

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There are three guarantees in a writer’s life:

1). Death

2). Taxes

3). No one will care you wrote a book

I know, I know. I’m a killjoy, but someone has to be the indie publishing equivalent of the little boy announcing the emperor is parading around without clothes.


J.L. Pattison

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